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10/12/2010 4:56 PM


New York-based Purchase College will introduce a School of Film and Media Studies this fall that integrates the production and critique of the media that shape contemporary life. With the new school, students will study the growing convergence of the broadcast and entertainment industries via new technologies.

“The program provides our students with multi-dimensional training that equips them for the critical thinking and creativity which is in demand in today’s world," says Damian Fernandez, provost of Purchase College. "The arts and the liberal arts are fully integrated in ways that make our students highly sought after."

The four resulting programs -- Film Production, Cinema Studies, New Media, and Media, Society and the Arts -- that comprise the School of Film and Media Studies will offer new media, video art, popular music, and production training in filmmaking in a shared core curriculum. The ultimate objective is to teach students critical media analysis and creative “critical media production.” The School of Film and Media Studies offers training that gives insight into the history of each field, the aesthetic tools of analysis, research skills for understanding media use, as well as intensive, creative training in film, video and new media production.

The undergraduate film program teaches students to become multi-skilled filmmakers in fiction, documentary, or experimental film. It also offers training in film history, cinematography, editing, production, scriptwriting, and film analysis with a primary emphasis on directing.

Most students in the School of Film and Media Studies are enrolled in one of three degree granting programs: Cinema Studies, Media Society and the Arts and New Media. These programs will teach students to engage media critically and creatively in order to address media as cultural, political, aesthetic forces.

“The jobs opening up today are in Web content, and new forms of online entertainment and business," says Michelle Stewart, director of the School of Film and New Media. "Because the School of Film and Media Studies is fundamentally multidisciplinary, we hope to make it a focal point of creative and critical work with social media.By social media we emphasize that in the contemporary world 'the media' are more than mere technologies and industries, but suffuse the whole social field in which people and communities participate."


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