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2/8/2012 7:50 AM

In an announcement today to the Washington Post newsroom staff, employees were told: “Today, we are announcing that we will offer a voluntary buyout to some Newsroom employees. Our objective is a limited staff reduction that won’t affect the quality, ambition or authority of our journalism. We believe this is possible, given the changes in how we work and the great successes we have had building our digital readership lately.

“To preserve that momentum, we do not intend to offer this program to every department or individual in the Newsroom. The reality is that we’re able to absorb staffing changes better in some areas than in others. In those departments where we do offer the buyout, there will be caps on the number of people who can participate, in order to moderate the impact and preserve our competitiveness in core coverage areas. In addition, we may turn down some volunteers if we feel their departure would impair our journalism. That said, it is important that we achieve real savings.”

This is the paper’s fifth round of buyouts since 2004.

You can read the full memo to Post employees in a Poynter story at: http://www.poynter.org/latest-news/mediawire/162364/washington-post-offers-buyouts-for-5th-time-in-recent-years/


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