Too many brands are keeping their agencies in “creative imprisonment,” said Bruce McColl, Mars global CMO, at the Australian Association of National Advertisers conference, reports Campaign US.

The story in Campaign US, in part, also stated:

“Low pay, creative restrictions and stifling bureaucracy are preventing agencies from doing their best work, he said. McColl called upon clients to reevaluate their agency relationships and ask themselves if they’re providing the respect an empowered creative partner requires.

“”Are we creating conditions where they are prisoners, or are we creating conditions where they can perform at their ultimate ability and we can have mutual success?” he asked. “We have to free our agency relationships from creative imprisonment.”

“Speaking at the annual gathering in Sydney, McColl pointed the finger at brands that seek to pay as little as possible for agency work, yet expect them to offer best-in-class creative. “We want our agency partners to make a good profit,” he said. “If they don’t, they can’t recruit the best people to work on our business.”

“”We know creative makes an impact on our profit,” he continued, “so we need to make sure we’re giving them enough money to reward their own team.””

Mars is based in McLean, Va, and McColl is based in Australia.

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