AAF Baltimore has revived its TRASHY Awards program recognizing work that “never saw the light of day,” resulting in a sell out of tickets for the event set for May 12 in Fell’s Point.

According to the call for entries:

“Brilliant ideas and stellar designs are canned every day. An exhibition of Baltimore’s finest “trash,” the AAF Baltimore 2016 TRASHY Awards: Never Saw the Light of Day (the TRASHYs) presented by Early Light Media features the campaigns and designs that may very well have won industry awards, had they not been tossed aside.

“Just envision all those glorious project PDFs that once felt like your crowning achievement, but now sit silently in the archives: the magnificent final that was scratched at the last moment, the amazing but unused photos from your last shoot, the beautiful (albeit wild-card) concept that went over budget or just didn’t fit with the client’s vision. Meetings, revisions, time–no matter at the reason was that a project never saw the light of day, this is your chance to finally let it shine. Finally out, on display, and up for an award.”

Event attendees will view the work on display May 12 and “vote” in the form of cash donations that support the AAF Baltimore fund-raising program. Watch for coverage in the Capitol Communicator.

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