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AAPD—New Site Design Ups Involvement, Advocacy

by | Sep 9, 2016

The American Association of People with Disabilities advocates for increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities. OmniStudio worked with AAPD to redesign their website in order to help promote positive change for the people they serve. Omni, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, also provided design features for AAPD event collateral and promotional materials.

Snapshot of AAPD's homepage, OmniStudio design of AAPD.com

Content Organization and Visual Cues

The standout features of this site are its content organization and visual cues. AAPD’s previous site used a proprietary system and CMS integration that made editing difficult. The new design uses dynamic content to make information fully available on both front- and back-ends. This simplified site processes so that, for example, content writers can create web copy in one place on the back-end and easily place it throughout the site. Some of the design features include:

Appealing font and design elements make information easy to identify and use, particular for people with visual impairments. The site is compliant with Federal standards for accessibility.
Action-oriented banners
Each main navigational page has a large banner with media, a synopsis, and a way to support AAPD’s work.
Diverse media
Images, videos, and slideshows breathe life into the site.
A color palette that corresponds with page navigation.
Graphic elements
Rollover text and graphics add to the functionality and simplicity of the site. See, for example, the “i” in the Disability Mentoring Day image below.

Custom-designed Icons & Buttons

Omni also designed custom icons and buttons for the site. These visual cues help people quickly get to where they would like to go, and they are in line with the chosen color palette to promote consistency and simplicity:
Custom design features on AAPD.com: buttons, rollover text, icons, all designed by OmniStudio Washington DC

Becoming a Resource Powerhouse

One of the most important messages AAPD wanted to convey was that they are not only strong advocates but also an epicenter of resources for their visitors. Visitors come to the site looking for particular pieces of information, such as housing or educational resources.

The site puts front-and-center these types of searches. When visitors arrive on the page below, for example, custom-designed icons lead them to the most relevant topics, encouraging exploration, learning, and involvement:

Media and Design Add Clarity

Prominent slideshows and photo headers aid in introducing each page’s theme, while keeping the content diverse and interesting. A diverse use of media, in addition to reducing clutter and confusion on site pages, contributes to visitors staying on the site and engaging with the AAPD’s content.

The site’s clarity also ensures that administrators will spend less time and energy helping users find information offline. As a result, they’ll focus their precious energy on advocating for and providing resources to the people they serve.

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