Following Procter & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard’s recent prediction that age will be the next issue on the agenda for advertisers to address as the industry seeks to dispel stereotypes it helped to create, states a media report, “McCann has unveiled new research that further explores how aging is the next frontier for an advertising overhaul.

“The agency’s The Truth About Age research suggests brands must develop an “Age Philosophy.” For example, brands in the beauty and pharmaceutical industries cannot operate in an age-agnostic way because they’re dealing with problems that are correlated with age. Thus the challenge for brands is to strike a healthy balance between age-awareness without tipping over into age-obsession.

“McCann’s report outlines recommendations for brands seeking to address this issue.

“For one, young people are thinking about and worrying about age more than any other generation…but no one is talking to them about it. Nearly half of those in their 20s (46%) constantly think about aging compared to 35% of those in their 60s. Similarly, 60% of those in their 20s worry about dying alone compared to only 43% of those in their 70s.”

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