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Baltimore Creative Leader Chris Beutler Dies; Renegade: “He Made Everyone Around Him Better”

by | Dec 20, 2021

Chris Beutler passed away Saturday, Dec. 19 following his battle with ALS. He was 54.

Well known and admired in Baltimore creative and music circles, he was chief vision officer at Renegade Communications where he worked for more than 18 years before retiring from the agency.

In September, AAF Baltimore was among the sponsors of a day-long music event in Towson supporting ALS Research. Featuring 14 bands performing at the newly reopened Recher Theatre, the event was the brainchild of Beutler, seen in the lead photo enjoying the people and performances.

He was diagnosed with ALS in 2019 and created the Bash with proceeds directed toward the Brigance Brigade Foundation.

More in the Capitol Communicator’s previous coverage of the music event.

From Renegade’s LinkedIn page:

For more than 17 years, Chris Beutler defined the Chief Vision Officer role at Renegade – as a director, creative director, writer and strategist. His passion, guidance, creativity, friendship and heart made Renegade better at what it does.

Chris had to step away from Renegade in November 2020 to focus on his health and family after being diagnosed with ALS in the fall of 2019. Throughout he was a tower of strength and courage, an example to us all. Sadly, Chris passed away this past weekend at the age of 54.

Chris poured his heart and soul into every project he undertook, such as the film Push, making a character out of an aging, dilapidated – yet still beautiful – building. There was also Escalation, a film designed to help teens and young adults better understand the signs of abusive relationships, which is still shown on college campuses yearly.

Chris pushed everyone around him to do their best work. He never phoned it in, and always brought the same eagerness and dedication to every project, no matter the size. He made everyone around him better by sheer force of will, sowing unbridled enthusiasm into a bumper crop of creativity.

One of the most important lessons Chris taught us was this: if you think you’re done, look again. There’s likely something you can improve, something you can ratchet up to better communicate, persuade, or entertain. Don’t settle for “pretty good.” Always shoot for awesome. You might fall short, but you’ll invariably end up with better work than you would have had you let your complacency take over.

Our relationship with Chris reminds us to remember, that we know not the day or the hour when our time will come. Treasure those around you and share your joy with them. Chris you are forever a Renegade, rest in peace, we love you, and will miss you.

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