Cade Martin, who has photographed more than 40 communicators for Capitol Communicator’s “up close and personal” profile series, has launched a new website that showcases his talents well beyond the profile photos. According to Cade, his new site  “showcases my images in striking and original ways”.

According to the website, “The only child of a university art professor and freethinker Mother, Cade Martin grew up surrounded by shapes and images. His love of art grew out of summer vacations filled with trips to galleries, museums, and art studios. At home he often found himself around the dinner table with an eclectic cast of characters—sculptors, writers, painters. They paraded through his childhood, shaping his art foundation and forming his appreciation for the candid beauty found in people from all walks of life. Cade’s been chasing characters ever since.”

Check it out at



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  1. Phill Thompson

    I have seen Cade Martin’s name around town a lot since moving here last year, and it is great to see all of his work in one place. A good example of a WordPress site, and I am particularly impressed with the social page’s use of RSS and a great organizing tool at the top:

    Not to mention the outstanding photography!


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