Capitol Communicator is very excited about our next conference — the Campaigns & Marketing Summit — on Nov. 13 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

The theme is the convergence of marketing, technology and campaigns and is being co-produced by Capitol Communicator with Potomac Tech Wire, which covers the business of technology; and Campaigns & Elections, the leading “how-to” resource for politics, focused on the tools, tactics and techniques of the political consulting profession. The event will bring together a national gathering of political, digital and marketing communities to discuss their shared tactics, strategies and platforms as we head into 2016.

Next year, political advertising is expected to reach $11.4 billion.

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Sessions include:

o The Top-5 Digital Issues for 2016
o Understanding the Campaign Market: How to Capture Political in 2016
o The Convergence of Politics & Marketing
o Facebook & Social Targeting: Connecting 1-to-1 on Social
o LiveStreaming: Harnessing Periscope, Meerkat For Campaigns and Brands
o Swimming in Data: Creating a Data Program For Real-Time Marketing
o Social & Mobile Video: What Brands and Campaigns Need to Know
o The Age of Addressable TV: What Marketers Need to Know
o Underground Social, Dark Social, SnapChat: How Social is Going Private
o Ad Units, Ad Fraud, Programmatic and Measurement in 2016
o Graphic Marketing: Instagram, SnapChat and More
o Are Marketers Defining Millennials Too Broadly? And What About Generation Z?
o Video Content & Creative For Social & Mobile
o Where We’re Going? Virtual Reality, Drones, Wearables and More
o Email Remains Strong: Getting in the Inbox
o Mobile: Location-Based Marketing Has Arrived
o Reaching the Hispanic Market

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