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Capitol Communicator reports CNN's Kasie Hunt recently underwent a four-hour operation to remove what turned out to be a benign brain tumor.

CNN’s Kasie Hunt Has Surgery to Remove Benign Brain Tumor

by | Oct 16, 2021

CNN anchor and chief national affairs analyst Kasie Hunt underwent a four-hour operation in early October to remove what turned out to be a benign brain tumor, reports People.

“I had headaches a few years ago when I was pregnant with my son that we had checked out and that we were just making sure to monitor generally,” she told People. “I started getting really bad ones in March of 2021 and made an appointment with a neurologist to see what might be going on.”

The following is from the People post:

Hunt, 36, says she has a family history of migraines, so she assumed that was the cause. “But the neurologist sent me for a routine MRI scan just as a new patient intake — and they saw something on the scan,” she says. “They ordered a follow-up just to double check and the follow-up showed something that was a little bit more clear.”

She underwent several more tests to see if there was perhaps something else going on in her body that might have caused the scan results. They checked for cancer but “everything came back blessedly clear,” she says.

Hunt started to feel worse in August. Around the time she was beginning her new job at CNN, she had another scan that showed a small rate of growth.
“Once we learned that, then we really had to take some action, because that was a really scary thing to learn,” she says. “Once you see growth in the brain, that means that there is a tumor growing in the brain.”

She had surgery at Penn Medicine, which is a part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Hunt’s tumor ended up being small, which she says is “very good from a prognosis perspective.” The tumor was found to be benign.

Hunt says her journey to recovery has been a challenge and that she is dealing with “a lot of pain management.”

She says the toughest part is knowing she has six to wight weeks ahead of recovery. “I can’t drive and I can’t lift my son. I can’t lift anything over 10 lbs., he’s about 30 lbs.

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