Media measurement company comScore is launching new mobile video metrics for YouTube and its partner channels, states MediaPost, which added:

“The new push comes from the growth of YouTube on mobile, says comScore — now 70% of its total YouTube viewing.

“The measurement company says the new effort comes from the growth of YouTube on mobile — now 70% of its total YouTube viewing. “The ability to better measure YouTube mobile video consumption through comScore services is a big step forward for cross-platform video measurement,” stated Dan Hess, EVP of products at comScore.

“Mobile video viewing data for the Google video site — which includes both smartphone and tablet viewing on both app and mobile Web — is integrated into comScore Video Metrix for syndicated digital video measurement.

“YouTube data via comScore in December 2016 shows that among the top 50 YouTube channels, each extended its desktop audience (reach) by 218% after including consumption on smartphones and tablets.

“Total viewing time on the top 50 YouTube channels increased in desktop engagement by 380% when accounting for mobile viewing, while 69 YouTube channels reached a monthly audience of at least 10 million viewers across desktop and mobile combined.”

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