There are a lot of indications of the rise in cord cutting, or getting rid of pay TV to rely on the internet for entertainment instead. But no one can quite prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is what is happening when people sign off of their pay TV service. They could be leaving for other reasons, such as moving, reports Media Life.

The Media Life report, in part, also stated:

“Still, the evidence is mounting that cord cutting is on the rise, and the latest piece comes with the release of a new report on video consumption from PwC, which includes a survey on people’s pay TV usage.

“Just over 16 percent of respondents said they had cut the cord over the past year.

“And 23 percent said they had been cord trimming, or scaling back their pay TV packages. For instance, they might go from a package with 500 channels that costs $130 per month to a so-called skinny bundle with 15 channels that costs $30 per month.

“Interestingly, PwC notes that it’s not just young people who are cord cutting or trimming.

““Some stable subscribers that had been the hallmark of pay-TV platforms are canceling or reducing their cable and satellite subscriptions, opting instead for on-demand streaming,” the report notes.”

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