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Capitol Communicator reports that DC Startup Week, September 14-18, Announced its First-Ever Culture Track for its 2020 Virtual Event.

DC Startup Week, September 14-18, Announces First-Ever Culture Track for 2020 Virtual Event

by | Sep 8, 2020

DC Startup Week, September 14-18, announced the launch of the inaugural Culture Track, designed and produced in collaboration with DC-based workplace culture agency Manifesta. With organizations, teams and leaders under more pressure than ever in the age of COVID-19, DC Startup Week’s Culture Track is centered on Culture 2020: Reinventing Work, a program for startup founders, executives and teams seeking to evolve and rethink the critical issues and opportunities workplaces are facing today.

“We are particularly enthusiastic to bring the Culture Track to this year’s schedule of events. Great culture is vital to a startup’s growth and success,” said DC Startup Week Event Organizer Rachel Koretsky.  “Amira El-Gawly and her team at Manifesta are passionate about making work better for high-performing organizations, enabling teams to live and work with greater purpose, which makes her the right person to curate the Culture track for DC Startup Week.”

Manifesta Founder & CEO El-Gawly, who is serving as the lead curator for the Culture track, shared, “This year has revealed to us all how critical our workplace cultures are to our personal and professional wellbeing. The way we feel at work is the key indicator of our performance and well-being. I am thrilled to serve the Founder and Startup community by designing and curating this inaugural program of people-focused knowledge sharing and dialogue.”

The Culture Track, stated a release, “is shaping up to be timely, insightful and packed with a diverse, incredible speaker lineup.”  The release provided the following about the program:

Monday, September 14 at 3 pm
Beyond The Nitro Brew: A New Vision For Workplace Culture In 2020 And Beyond

In this inspiring keynote, Amira El-Gawly, Founder + CEO of Manifesta, will offer a paradigm shift for startup leaders seeking to cultivate inspiring workplaces and beloved brands. Living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequality crises has provoked new ways of thinking and working together. Beyond the cold brew keg and ping pong table, Amira will guide founders and startup leaders through the new value proposition for workplace culture and employee experience. It’s high time we investigate ourselves and align culture investment with ambitious growth goals.

Monday, September 14 at 4 pm
Mind the Gap: Avoid Common Pitfalls of Startup Culture

Building a healthy startup culture is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Too many leaders start businesses for the love of the work, but without an understanding of how to lead and manage people, let alone cultivate a positive, growth-oriented environment. In this speed storytelling session, seasoned HR execs will share their own mistakes and aha moments so you can set yourself up for success.

Tuesday, September 15 at 9 am
Beyond the Checkbox: Designing an Equitable and AntiRacist Workplace

This year, the business community has been forced to confront the reality of inequity and injustice in the workplace. In this interactive conversation, you’ll hear from diversity, equity, and inclusion experts, creative entrepreneurs, and tech industry veterans to turn that national conversation into clear action. They’ll share their personal experiences of what works—and what doesn’t—so you can design a business model that makes space for all.

Wednesday, September 16 at 1 pm
Great Managers: Your Secret Weapon to Loyal, Engaged Employees

The research is clear: According to Gallup, only one in 10 people possess the natural talent to manage. But managing others is something that almost every leader is expected to do. Join us for this interactive session to learn the ways you can better manage (or equip your managers) to build effective and engaged teams.

Wednesday, September 16 at 3 pm
From Perks to Processes: Optimizing Operations for Greater Team Wellbeing

Every startup leader wants to have a great culture; the challenge is how to make that happen. In this moderated panel, get real-time practical guidance from these people-loving startup leaders with reputations for building strong, healthy teams. Hear from an accomplished startup founder and operator what it takes to build a business that prioritizes its people, while producing significant results.

Thursday, September 17 at 3 pm
Building the Future of Great Remote Work Culture

The COVID-19 global pandemic forced most organizations to go remote with little notice. For some leaders, this was a real struggle, and they’re still unsure how to best incorporate remote work into their strategic business decisions going forward. For others, it’s a no-brainer… they’re not going back to the office for another year. Others are still undecided. What could fully remote, hybrid remote and remote-enabling startup cultures look like? Hear from startup leaders and HR practitioners with the experience making decisions about this timely topic, while designing critical policies and new team rituals.

 Thursday, September 17 at 4 pm
From “self-care” to “team care”: prioritizing mental health in the workplace

The lines between personal life and professional life are blurring—this year more than most. Normalizing mental health and creating space for your employees to bring their whole selves to work is essential for today’s teams. This session will kick off with a meditation and then dive into tactical ways you can create and hold space in crisis, while increasing transparency, resilience, and happiness on your team.

All sessions are free of charge and open to businesses of all shapes, sizes and configurations, ranging from the ideation and startup phases to growth and full maturity. The virtual program will offer a lineup of live, interactive sessions designed to encourage attendees to learn from each experience and immediately apply such learnings to their organizations. For registration or additional information, please visit www.dcstartupweek.org.


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