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Design Army Launches “Weirdest Eyewear Ad Ever” for Georgetown Optician

by | Nov 16, 2016

D.C.-based creative agency Design Army launched “the weirdest eyewear ad ever. We’re talking insanely creative and fabulously strange,” states promotional material.According to material we received, “This eccentric sequel about the optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician goes over-the-top in a wild production involving: a cast of 50 hunting hounds; a remarkably abnormal family; and two minutes of non-stop eyeball puns beginning with an invitation to the annual “Eye Ball.”

“Like a Willy Wonka/freaky fashion mashup, there’s eyeballs everywhere, a whodunnit twist and bizarro set design and props—all immaculately handcrafted by Design Army (the only nuts who can make optometry entertaining!).”

An Adweek article stated: “You remember the Voorthuis family, the optically obsessed owners of eyewear retailer Georgetown Optician. They were the quirky stars of agency Design Army’s beautifully weird (and “true-ish”) commercial last year called “Our Family Knows Glasses”—one of our favorite spots of 2015.

“Well, the Voorthuis, whose style can be described as Wes Anderson meets the Addams Family, return … in a sequel from the Washington, D.C., agency. The new spot, “The Eye Ball,” continues their story, and enriches it, by introducing Grandma Ida, the matriarch from whom the family’s eyewear fixations evidently sprung.”

Design Army’s chief creator officer and co-founder Pum Lefebure said:  “The “Our Family Knows Glasses” brand campaign was a great success and generated a lot of buzz and traffic for Georgetown Opticians  so we decided that it was worth extending for another season – but how to make it better was the challenge. The new film takes a deeper look at family “issues” and delves into the family’s eyewear obsession from their matriarch, Grandma Ida, who is more kooky than the rest of the family when it comes to fashionable frames. Of course, every great film needs a deeper sub-plot so we introduced an outsider, Igor (Eye-Gor) the Butler, who has a very interesting relationship with Grandma Ida and stirs concerns amongst the family.”

When Lefebure was asked what she liked about the new film, she said: “The details. In order to take it over the top we carefully crafted every scene to make it even more bizarre than the first. For example: Grandma Ida’s only source of food are carrots; the cucumber lenses on her glasses when she is taking a bubble bath – with bubbles blown from her butler; Irene’s sleeping mask (eyes closed and open); Ivan’s horse jumping over a giant topiary of frames; Iris’ insanely wonky doghouse that has a collection of objects from the first film. You might not notice all these details at first, but when you watch it again and again (which I hope you do), you start to discover the hidden gems. Design is not in the details. Design IS the detail.”

Lefebure added that “the Eye Ball is the perfect combination of great copywriting, beautiful art direction, and unexplainable weird visuals – all while showcasing 60-plus glasses. It’s product placement on steroids!”

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