“Disrupting a major industry is hard to do if no one has heard of your revolutionary new product,” reports DC Inno in a story about D.C.-based Eleven Eleven PR, and its founder Sara Morgan.  The DC Inno story also stated, in part:

“Startup founders know where they want to get to in the end, but they might have no understanding of how to get there,” Morgan said. “That’s what they need someone from outside to help them with.”

Large public relations companies aren’t necessarily able to handle the style and speed of startup marketing, Morgan said. She might see some new trend mentioned on the Today Show in the morning, and design and send out pitches to new outlets that same day. It’s a stark contrast to the speed of events at the more traditional corporate marketing firms she used to work at.

“Everything about it felt antiquated,” Morgan said. “They’d plan out goals a year or more ahead of time only have updates once a month. Life in startups happens much faster than that.”

As for the kind of clients Morgan works with, they’re an eclectic mix of companies, usually with a tech angle of some kind. Her clients include an e-commerce company for wedding presents, a sharing economy platform for boats and a high-powered search engine for finding hotels and other places to stay.

According to the DC Inno item, Eleven Eleven is comprised of Morgan and Avery Walker, Morgan’s first full-time hire, plus interns.

(Morgan formerly was founder of Tailored.co, a 500 Startups company, where she handled business development and brand strategy. She was responsible for creating strategic partnerships, user acquisition, and overseeing all branding and public relations efforts.)

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