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PRS-NCC’s How to Write More Powerfully & Strategically for Public Relations and Public Affairs Purposes in Traditional and Social Media

December 10, 2015

This workshop focuses on writing and editing news releases and “pitch” emails/letters, although the guidelines covered apply to the essentials of all PR/PA writing. The workshop also touches on media alerts, Op-eds, speeches, letters to editors, blogs and website text.nnWHAT YOU’LL LEARNnTo write more efficiently and effectively in today’s quick-time PR/PA environment, in which social media are fast dominating the communication landscape and the thrust of PR/PA responsibility and value. nThe new PR/PA and business writing formula nWhy strategic thinking and “snackable” content are the keys to success. nNew writing tools and techniques for getting target audiences to take more action on their behalf and your behalf. nHow to get the media to cover more of what you want covered. nHow to take charge of the PR/PA writing function.nnGOALS FOR YOUnImprove your writing and editing skillsnHelp you become a “new era” PR/PA writernAssist you in writing for greater advantage in all medianStrengthen your PR/PA writing leadershipnnDecember 10, 2015, 8:30am to 4:30pmnnLocation:nnOgilvy Washingtonn 1111 19th St., NW, 3rd Floorn Washington, DC 20036nnCost: (includes continental breakfast and lunch)n $195 PRSA & WWPR Membersn $275 Nonmembersn $120 Students/retireesnRefund/cancellation policynnWHAT’S COVEREDnBest principles and practices for writing more successful PR/PA communicationsnForm follows function as writing contextnWord-working vs. word-smithingnWhat strategic writing embodiesnWriting to get the action you wantnPutting the “BIG PICTURE” in headlines, subject lines, leadsnWhat media want to know that makes the difference for younWhat readers want to know for their purposes, not yoursnBeing an outer-directed, not inner-directed writernUsing current news and research to enhance your messages’ and your organization’s credibilitynPitching and alerting media with time-saving templatesnRole of creative copywriting in social medianFashioning quotable, not gratuitous quotesnEnding pronoun inaccuracy and confusionnEliminating obstructionist prepositions and other disruptive verbiagenUn-hyping hyperbolenWhy the 5W’s make more sense than evernWhy the subject/verb/action connection wins the readability racenTrends and issues affecting PR/PA conduct (e.g., digital transformation, authenticity, communication integration)nGetting approvals for your writing before and as you writenFocusing writing time to increase productivitynAP Stylebook essentialsnBecoming a proactive writer even as you reactnExcelling at writing without being told or askednWriting better Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn entries.nnSPECIAL FEATUREnnGary Nuzzi of D.C.-based Adfero Group presents and discusses how to use photos, logos, infographics, video and other graphics and images to enhance what you write. Adfero handles both traditional and digital public relations with a strong emphasis on digital communications.nnWORKSHOP WRITING CLINICnWork in small groups to analyze key aspects of writing samples you and other attendees submit for analysis, concentrating on more engaging headlines, subject lines, leads, quotes.nnWORKSHOP BONUSnTake home treasure trove of writing how-to, including time-saving writing templates.nnINSTRUCTOR, EDITOR, ENABLERn Don Bates, APR, Fellow PRSAnConsulting writer, trainer, editor.nWriting instructor, New York University.nFounding Director, The George Washington University PR Master’s Degree Program.nnSee more at: http://www.prsa-ncc.org/write-more-powerfully-strategically-public-relations-and-public-affairs-purposes-traditional-and#sthash.23qt6nJ3.dpuf


December 10, 2015
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Ogilvy, 1111 19th St., NW, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20036