“In the design world, some may not equate Washington D.C. with America’s hot beds for insanely impressive creative talent like New York or Los Angeles—but they would be wrong. Design Army, an award winning, internationally recognized creative firm run by husband and wife power couple, Pum and Jake Lefebure, definitely commands attention from their name-dropping client list ranging from The Ritz Carlton to The Smithsonian to The Oscars (to name a few) to their visually stunning creative media campaigns,” writes contributor Meggen Taylor in Forbes.

Taylor’s piece, in part, also states:

“Started in 2003, the married team divides and conquers the day-to-day operations. Pum (pictured above) is the Chief Creative Officer making all of the design decisions while Jake is the CEO and handles the business side of Design Army. Pum came to America from Thailand as a foreign exchange student so not only lacked a support network but she also had to learn a new language and culture.

“Pum shares with me, “This country afforded me the opportunity to be who I am. I was originally invited to live here for a year. I ended up getting a partial scholarship to college then got a fulltime job offer and moved to DC. There is no way around it—you have to work your ass off to succeed and even more so when you have to learn a new language (and way of life). This country offers a lot of opportunity if you have passion, drive, and determination, but your dreams won’t materialize if you don’t put yourself out there. And although sometimes you fail in life, failure is part of success. I truly believe that the American Dream is still alive and well—I am proof”.”

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