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Capitol Communicator has a post by Kelly Callahan-Poe, President, Williams Whittle, that the media landscape is continuously shifting, and nonprofits must adeptly navigate these changes.

Insights to better target donors in 2024

by | Mar 4, 2024

The media landscape is continuously shifting and nonprofits must adeptly navigate these changes to successfully target potential donors. With the findings from the Williams Whittle/KB Insights 2024 National Donor Survey, we can tap into the donor psyche, understanding their triggers, motivations and communication preferences. 

Here are the top-five pivotal insights that every nonprofit should incorporate into their 2024 fundraising strategies:

  1. Future Giving Plans are Uncertain

70% of respondents intend to donate to charity in 2024, 12% fewer than have given in the past. The key obstacle to future giving is financial constraints, cited by 57% of respondents. One in five said they did not trust charities/nonprofits.

Economic uncertainty is a looming shadow over the future of philanthropy. Nonprofits need to reassure potential donors with transparency and financial acuity.

  1. The Presidential Election Will Impact Giving

15% of U.S. adults plan to donate to a candidate in the upcoming Presidential election. 

Among those who plan an election contribution, 42% said that their donation will impact their level of charitable giving in 2024. That means that a substantial number of U.S. adults will give less to charities and other nonprofits during this election year. 

Smarter outreach will be necessary to preserve donation levels during this year’s election. Outreach campaigns should not compete with the election cycle for maximum effect.

  1. Demonstration of Impact Will be Crucial

While two-thirds of 2023 donors felt their contributions made a difference, this figure was much lower than in previous years. The percentage of those who were “unsure” rose from 24% to 31%.

Donors want to see the tangible effects of their contributions. Be clear about outcomes and the tangible benefits such as providing for community needs (e.g., food, clothing, and shelter) each donation makes.

  1. Television Remains #1 as the Main Source of News

Television is the main news source for 43% of survey respondents, followed by online news for 31%, and social media for 12%. As such, paid, owned, and earned media are essential elements of a nonprofit’s overall communication strategy.

  1. The Mission is Always the Top Motivator.

Consistent with prior years, most respondents said that the mission is still the driving force behind donations. Believing in the mission of the organization was identified as important by 55% of respondents, followed by giving back to the community (44%), closely followed by a personal connection to the cause (43%).

Never stray far from your core mission—it’s the heartbeat of your appeal. Ensure your messaging and organizational storytelling consistently reflect your mission.

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About the author: Kelly Callahan-Poe is President of Williams Whittle, a Capitol Communicator sponsor.


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Kelly Callahan-Poe is a seasoned advertising and marketing executive with three decades of experience on the agency and client-side spanning Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.As the President of Williams Whittle, an independent full-service agency, Kelly helps nonprofits enhance their visibility through branding, storytelling, and activation strategies.Her Two Marketing Moms Podcast offers advice and insights to professionals in the field and the Williams Whittle Media Club (#WWMediaClub) recaps the most valuable nuggets of wisdom from 80+ business media and books.


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