On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO, the first new episode since Trump’s inauguration, Oliver stated that his show would air a Trump-targeted ad, Monday, on all three cable news shows in the D.C. market, reports Adweek, which added, in part, that the spot “is a send-up of Medical Direct Club’s “Catheter Cowboy” spot, which also runs on cable news and features a “professional cowboy” who talks about using catheters. Oliver’s faux ad offers some information about the nuclear triad to Trump, who flubbed a question about the topic during a Republican primary debate in December 2015.”

“The reaction of unsuspecting morning cable viewers, many of whom are probably not “Last Week Tonight” fans, is something we can only imagine,” stated a piece in The  New York Times.

According to Variety, “This isn’t the first time the “Last Week Tonight” staff has produced and run commercials to further the point of a topical segment. In 2015, after launching a damning report on World Cup governing body FIFA,  Oliver and his staff purchased ad time on Trinidad’s TV6.”

To see the “faux ad”, which may be part of a larger campaign by John Oliver, check out the spot below and let us know your reaction.

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