Social media usage

Many small businesses do not actively use social media, and about one-third state they are unsure or unlikely regarding their plans to use social media in the future, according to a survey conducted by D.C.-based research firm Clutch. However, many companies that are active on social media are seemingly finding value, with roughly one-third of those planning to increase their social media resources in 2015, the survey concluded.

Clutch’s survey further investigated small businesses’ range of investment in social media strategies this year. Of those with active social profiles, 38 percent plan to increase employee time dedicated to social media in 2015, 30 percent plan to increase spend on social advertising, and 12 percent plan to increase spend on an outside agency or consultant.

“If small businesses want to compete, they have to be participating in social media,” Mike Rosa, director of marketing at online marketing agency 180Fusion, told Clutch. “More and more, people are becoming a little bit wary of traditional advertising. They’re much more likely to take referrals and reviews from people that they know and trust, which can be found on social media,”  he stated.

The social media marketing report is the third of four segments Clutch has published examining the results of their first annual small business survey. The final piece will examine mobile application development. To collect the data, Clutch analysts gathered over 350 survey responses from small business owners and managers distributed across the US.

The full report can be found here.

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