MDB Communications released a new television commercial for their client, the DC Lottery.  In the spot states MDB, “a portable drone carries pizzas to The White House.  The drone malfunctions, then drops the pizzas on the ground in front of the Secret Service agents guarding the front door.  We learn that the pizza delivery guy with special clearance said that he would be delivering the pizzas to the White House as usual, unless he won the lottery.  We assume he did.

“It’s all part of the “Unless I win the lottery” campaign for the DC Lottery brand.  The campaign sets up situations where someone important to the successful completion of that situation is ultimately absent. Whomever it is that person had promised to be there, unless he or she won the lottery.  Another spot features a young couple who decided to visit a haunted house that supposedly has zombies.  Just to be on the safe side, they agreed to meet a zombie hunter there.  The zombie hunter doesn’t show but a zombie does.”

“People love this campaign,” said Jodie Warren, MDB’s director of campaign management on the DC Lottery account.  “They love it because they can relate to it.  Who hasn’t said at one time or another, ‘I’ll see you all Monday…unless I win the lottery?'”

D.C.-based MDB, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, noted that “Of course, we know it is illegal to fly a drone anywhere near the White House.  But this a TV commercial, and we’re just telling a funny story.”

Check out the spot here:


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