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Media.com becomes first network to fully verify users, addressing challenge of misinformation

by | Dec 12, 2023

Media.com, the profile-based information network, announced that all users with public profiles will be fully verified from inception, marking the emergence of a new generation of social-network-style platforms that aim to address misinformation by introducing profile standards that encourage information integrity and accountability.

Media.com has committed to addressing the shortcomings of social media platforms by requiring all users seeking to post, share and publish content on the Media.com network to undergo fast and simple identity checks prior to being allowed to enter the public domain.

As the social media giants grapple with pressure from regulators over large user bases plagued by fake profiles, Media.com has introduced the timely profile verification requirement as part of its mission to curb the harm and distrust caused by misinformation and disinformation.

Media.com leads the way with KYC and KYB standards

With its innovative approach to profile verification and reputation management, Media.com is leading the way in addressing the challenges posed by misinformation in today’s digital landscape. By ensuring the authenticity of user profiles with KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) verification, the platform is poised to become a trusted source of reliable information in a world where the spread of accurate information is critical to rebuilding trust in society.

In the current social media environment algorithms are designed to reward user engagement to drive advertiser revenues; however, doing so brings a fundamental misalignment with authenticity and information integrity. At a time when AI threatens to unleash greater toxicity through armies of bots, Media.com’s business model proposes to address the problem.

Legacy social networks will struggle with verification, accountability as AI grows

Media.com founder and CEO James Mawhinney explains, “Social media networks have enjoyed years of success operating in a largely unregulated way. Now, however, it’s apparent they are breeding grounds for bad information which has real world consequences. With AI on the rise, the combined risk of fake profiles and AI bots threatens to accelerate the spread of misinformation at a frightening rate.

”Mawhinney continues, “Trust, authenticity and credibility are critical to maintaining information integrity, but the incumbent social networks will struggle to adapt as regulators seek greater accountability for information published in the public domain.

”Mawhinney notes that full verification by current industry players is unlikely given that legacy social platforms would need to retrofit their user-base to achieve it. “There is a natural resistance to verification by social media companies as it simply does not align with their business model. Look at nearly every major social network’s verification standard – it is based on engagement rather than authenticity, and in some cases verification can be bought. This indicates a broken incumbent model for encouraging the distribution of truthful, factual and accurate information,” he says.

Governments and legislators around the world are grappling with how to regulate social media giants plagued by fake and unverified profiles that are notorious for spreading misinformation. Social platforms that once appealed to users as a more trusted alternative to traditional media are experiencing a rapid decline in trust and credibility.

Media.com serves as a model for the future

“In our view, it is only a matter of time before the social networks are required by law to know precisely who their users are,” added Mawhinney. “A mandatory KYC check is inevitable, just as it is if you open a bank account.

”The issue of accountability on existing social media platforms is also a matter of concern. While social platforms host a wealth of user-generated content, they struggle to hold individual users accountable for the information they publish. “Holding a Big Tech company responsible for information published by individual users isn’t the answer. The current regulatory focus has highlighted the need for change,” concludes Mawhinney.

Developed over the last three years, Media.com is a profile-based network designed to become the new home for millions of reputation-conscious individuals and organizations worldwide. Here, individuals, brands and their PR representatives can post text, video and audio information, publish releases, publicly respond to third party media, share their stories, challenge misconceptions and correct the record without the fear of being degraded by trolls or encountering fake profiles

For more information visit Media.com.

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