By Matt Smith

Before I introduce this week’s batch of good work in the metro D.C. area, I want to take a quick moment to say thank you to everyone who has embraced this new Capitol Communicator column and all of those who have sent me examples of your work.  I want you to know that even if I don’t write about your contributions, I look closely at every piece that comes in and I deeply appreciate all your efforts and your ongoing support.  I’m also thrilled that the column has attracted the attention of some national marketing organizations based in our area, including the American Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association.  I’ll have more news on that development in a future column.

Today I want to celebrate a true artist whose work is familiar to any regular Capitol Communicator reader.  His name is Cade Martin, and he is the photographer for Capitol Communicator’s long-running and very popular “Up Close and Personal” series of profiles of the region’s advertising and marketing executives.

In this series, Cade, shown above on a photo shoot, has made our entire community look good by providing—free of charge—original, conversation-starting photos that serve to elevate our entire community to a higher level of self-image.  He’s been doing it since 2014, and so far he’s shot about 150 profile photos.

When you look at Cade’s portrait work, you can tell almost immediately that he’s elevated what’s traditionally been labeled a “headshot” to an art.  In fact, his portraits are just that—art.  They’re not headshots.  Headshots are what you see on “wanted” posters at the post office.

He’s also made a name for himself outside of our community with a huge portfolio of work that covers everything from architecture and entertainment to lifestyles and conceptual art. One of his most interesting and exciting projects is a new one entitled “Over War” in which he profiles a group of Vietnam War fighter pilots.  It’s a remarkable, highly original piece of work and you can check it out: “Over War” 

Cade could easily just step back and be recognized for all the great work he’s done to promote our community by accepting the many awards he’s received and not working quite so hard on our behalf.  But he’s a giver, and he’s also very nice and easy to work with.  For that, I am grateful, but even more so, I thank him for being an inspiration and for helping us make this a fun and exciting community in which all of us can shine.

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