Millennial media consumers are paying less attention to ads perhaps because of multitasking, reports Media Post, which added:

“Some 51% of 18-24 strongly or somewhat agree with the statement “I’m okay with ads if content is free” when it comes to their mobile content, according to a Nielsen Millennial study. Another 17% strongly or somewhat disagree with this.

“Slightly older media consumers — ages 25-35 — are a little less supportive, with 46% strongly or somewhat agreeing with the advertising for free content, while; 23% disagree.

“Traditional TV advertising for Millennials seemingly also has good results. When it comes to traditional TV, Nielsen says less than 2% of 18- to- 34-year-olds changed the channel during commercials, compared with 5.5% of 35- to-54-year-olds and more than 8% of viewers 55+.

“But all this comes with some heavy distraction — perhaps multitasking with other devices. Nielsen says Millennials have “the lowest program engagement and lowest ad memorability scores during the studied shows.””

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