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Mindgrub Launches ‘Holodeck’ to Test Virtual Reality Apps and Games

by | Jun 3, 2016

Baltimore-based digital agency Mindgrub announced the launch of the city’s first “Holodeck” by transforming a room at its headquarters in Locust Point into a safe and controlled environment dedicated to testing virtual reality apps and games. According to a release, “through Mindgrub’s expansive virtual reality capabilities utilizing tools such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets and handheld controllers, users can interact with a variety of virtual environments.” The Holodeck, short for Holographic Environment Simulator, gets its name from Star Trek’s fictional virtual reality facility. In the Star Trek universe, the Holodeck is often used for recreational activities.

Mindgrub has already created a virtual reality bike experience using Oculus Rift and demonstrated it at various Baltimore events, including Smart CEO’s Corporate Culture Awards to raise awareness for the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults, and the Baltimore Light City Festival. Dedicated to pushing the limitations of virtual and augmented reality, Mindgrub says it is actively pursuing virtual reality applications in a range of industries, from gaming and entertainment, to healthcare and education.

Mindgrub also announced a donation of technology to the Safe Alternative Foundation for Education (SAFE) and the St. Elizabeth School in Baltimore. According to a release, SAFE informs Baltimore community members about the importance of education and how to prepare career plans for shifting life circumstances. St. Elizabeth School is dedicated to helping students with special needs realize their potential and succeed. Lead IT Engineer Thomas Evans and Internal Marketing Manager Kelly Brown gathered extra tech at Mindgrub’s headquarters in Locust Point and delivered it to Van Brooks, founder and executive director of SAFE. The bulk of donations, which consisted of hard drives, laptops and printers, were then divided between SAFE and St. Elizabeth’s School.

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