The Change Agencies, a national network of independent, inclusive marketing and communications firms, has launched “It’s Not Pie,” a customizable communications program and toolkit designed to help companies and organizations communicate why and how they support diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs internally and/or externally.

“With so much false controversy about so-called “woke” corporate engagement programs, businesses and organizations that understand DEI require  sound, credible, and effective advice to convey that support in the marketplace,” said Chino Chapa, one of six founding principals of The Change Agencies. “The concept behind It’s Not Pie is that true equality does not mean less for some, but more for all. We must begin by acknowledging that everyone is deserving of the same things and understand that there is enough for everyone to have equal rights and access to opportunities without anyone losing anything. Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not a pie with a limited number of slices.”

The toolkit includes a set of actions that clients can take to explain their DEI program and why they support it. It is intended to shore up internal and external support for conducting impactful and sustainable DEI programs and provide a positive counterargument to opponents of such efforts. The toolkit includes:

  • Draft outreach materials to use in support of the launch, continuation or expansion of a DEI program,
  • Talking points and critical messages to discuss DEI with employees, customers/clients, vendors and additional audiences,
  • Customized social media guidelines to launch or continue a program,
  • Website content to use in launching, continuing or expanding a program, and
  • Media training for client executives to prepare them for outreach and/or follow-up on their DEI program.

“Businesses and organizations that want to engage authentically in this conversation and speak in favor of true equality need not be afraid to act,” Chapa added. “We understand how to build and use the right tools and resources to empower any entity to speak out and speak up in favor of diversity, equity and inclusion and we can help them determine how best to engage in responding to criticism and opposition.”

For more information, contact The Change Agencies at Profiles for the member firms can be found on the TCA website at

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