Baltimore will be in the spotlight this summer when episodes for the fourth season season of “House of Cards” will be shot in and around the city.

According to, the show’s renewal was revealed by a tweet from Netflix displaying a black image with an upside down American flag and the words: “Season 4 Coming 2016.” Above the image is a line that says: “I will leave a legacy” with the hashtag #Underwood2016.

Netflix’s tweet didn’t reveal any other details, such as when the fourth season would start its term. But this year’s season began on February 27 and featured the usual number of 13 episodes. The fourth season will carry a certain irony as it will debut the same year the US will hold a real election to decide the next president, continued the report.

That report also stated:

Based on a British series, the American version of “House of Cards” stars Kevin Spacey as scheming politician and president Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as the first lady and Frank’s counterpart in political crime. The first three seasons have followed the Underwoods as they clawed and scratched their way to the White House and finally had to face the challenges of running the country.

Both Stacey and Wright will be back for the fourth season, according to Deadline Hollywood. Production, as noted, will start this summer in and around Baltimore where past seasons have been filmed.

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