The National Rifle Association is suing its longtime advertising and marketing representatives at Oklahoma City-based Ackerman McQueen, accusing it of withholding billing information and breaching their contract, reports The Oklahoman, which added that “Ackerman McQueen has worked with the NRA for 38 years and court filings reveal annual billings in recent years have topped $40 million as operations expanded to include NRATV featuring personalities Dana Loesch and Oliver North.

“Ackerman McQueen, in a statement issued late Monday, denied the claims in the lawsuit.

““Ackerman McQueen has served the NRA and its members with great pride and dedication for the last 38 years,” the firm stated Monday. “The NRA’s action is frivolous, inaccurate and intended to cause harm to the reputation of our company and the future of that 38-year relationship. … Much like we have done for the NRA and the Second Amendment over the past 38 years, we too will defend our position and performance aggressively.”

“A contention in the lawsuit includes alleged refusals by Ackerman McQueen to provide a copy of its contract with North, a former official with the Reagan White House who became famous as a result of the Iran-Contra hearings.

“Ackerman McQueen, meanwhile, denies the allegations and further questions the NRA hiring outside counsel led by William Brewer — brother-in-law of the current Ackerman McQueen CEO Revan McQueen.

“In a lawsuit filed Friday in Alexandria, Virginia, the NRA alleged Ackerman McQueen and its public relations subsidiary Mercury Group unlawfully refused to turn over business records, including budgets and contracts charging the NRA for services.”

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