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Capitol Communicator reports that the Williams Whittle agency is producing a podcast series titled Two Marketing Moms.

Passing the Torch: Introducing the Two Marketing Moms Podcast

by | Jun 16, 2021

By Robert Whittle, Chairman and CEO, Williams Whittle

The class of 2020 had it rough. Instead of walking across the stage to receive their diploma, they graduated online as the first class of COVID-19, true digital natives. Many grads who had job offers lined up quickly had them rescinded, only to be forced to move back home with their parents. To jumpstart their careers, many looked to online resources for advice.

That is when Williams Whittle agency President Kelly Callahan-Poe, and former President Julia McDowell, got busy. With their combined marketing and advertising experience of more than 50 years, they launched the Two Marketing Moms Podcast. The podcast was created for young marketing and advertising professionals, providing tips, tricks and advice to help them navigate the industry. I call it “marketing boot camp.”

As moms of three kids and a dog each, Kelly and Julia talk about their real struggles, fails and wins that they experienced while building their careers. Among the many topics covered in the podcast are:

Their podcast isn’t just filled with useful advice – it’s also entertaining and occasionally a bit provocative. My favorite episode is How Women Can Grow “Balls” in Business, which explores the enduring challenge faced by women who need to demonstrate strength and forcefulness to advance their careers, but too often end up being called the B-word for doing so.

Another great episode is the one in which Kelly and Julia open up to reveal their top 10 mistakes and how to prevent them. These two highly accomplished professionals have lots of practical insights for the upcoming marketing stars of the future. Take a listen at twomarketingmoms.com or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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