People are watching as much TV as ever, they’re just watching it in different ways, reports Media Life Magazine.

The Media Life article, in part, also stated:

“That’s the finding of a new report from Pivotal Research Group, which finds that TV viewership is surprisingly stable, despite the many new options now available.

“These choices range from over-the-top devices, which stream selected channels through your TV, to game consoles, where people can go from games to traditional TV with the flick of a button.

“But no matter where they’re watching, they’re still logging tons of TV time.

“In fact, viewership among adults 18-49 so far this TV season has risen 0.3 percent, the report finds.

“Among kids 2-17, it’s down a scant 0.2 percent.

“Among adults over 50, viewing is actually up 3 percent.

“The data includes seven-day DVR playback and virtually any form of TV watching, including Spanish-language, public broadcast, premium cable, DVDs and connected TVs.

“Pivotal argues that this metric is a better indicator of interest in TV than the C3 ratings ads are bought on, which measure commercial ratings with three-day DVR playback.

“And interest in the medium is what buyers use to gauge the best investments.”

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