Karl Boehm, Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist of Spiral Marketing, sat down with Paul Duning, Publisher and Co-Founder of Capitol Communicator. The following podcast provides some background about Capitol Communicator as well as some insight into the perspective behind Capitol Communicator.

Capitol Communicator serves the Mid-Atlantic region of communications professionals through its media properties, delivering targeted news, high-quality events, valuable career tools and continuing education, and by helping connect thousands of communicators region-wide. Paul is also co-producer of the PR Summit DC, Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summits, and Campaigns and Marketing Summit.

“The cameras have gotten better, but it’s still the eye that frames it just right.”

Just a few of the points you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Technophobia is a red herring. The old usual suspects (creativity) always prevails
  • The importance of being close to the action, even if it’s not your fight. (Involvement with local associations, networking events)
  • What newcomers do to get noticed

“I don’t see, at least hopefully not in my lifetime, where the robots take over everything. It’ll still be the human character continuing to evolve…the communications process.”

Insights for Starters & Seasoned Players


  • How to reach for success with new forms of communication
  • When and how to approach taking risks
  • Establishing your own voice


Seasoned Players:

  • How taking even bigger risks (and how Apple gets it along with other clients)
  • How the human element perseveres in any new digital landscape
  • Why your mind, body and people around you affect your learning experience


Where to learn more and reach Paul:



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