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Reacting to the Cultural Pulse: How Brands can stay relevant and agile in today’s market

by | Apr 8, 2024

By Sakia Stewart, Response Labs

As strategists, we all aspire to create a marketing strategy that goes viral and ends up on national news — mama, we made it! But those moments are hard to come by. With social media platforms designed to engage, there are numerous ways to keep your brand relevant by keeping your ear to the cultural ground. Now, this doesn’t mean appropriating culture, but when the opportunity presents itself, it’s best to stay ready so you don’t have to get ready — word to Beyoncé!

There’s an art to knowing what cultural happenings will resonate with your audience, and an art to knowing when and how to connect your brand to a particular cultural moment. And the potential payoff of staying top-of-mind- with your target audience via relevant and timely content is huge.

As a strategist, understanding what is culturally relevant to your target audience is crucial. It helps you create engaging initiatives while vying for attention in a sea of others competing for the same mental retail space.

This doesn’t happen by happenstance; it’s intentional, with a plan in place that allows the strategist to ideate and the other team members to execute fast.

There’s a delicate dance that must come into play when weaving cultural moments into your brand that feel authentic and make sense.

  • Play a supporting role: This isn’t your moment to shine, but a moment to inject your brand in a meaningful way. How can your company help the situation?
  • Stay true to your brand values: While capitalizing on cultural moments, ensure that your brand’s core values remain intact. Authenticity is key.
  • Be inclusive and sensitive: Consider the diversity and inclusivity of your audience when engaging with cultural moments. Ensure that your messaging is respectful and inclusive.
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  • Blaze Pizza isn’t just guessing here; they’ve got the data to back it up. They’ve delved deep into research, understanding that major sporting events aren’t just about the game—they’re cultural phenomena. Thanks to extensive qualitative and quantitative analyses, Blaze knows their customers inside out and what makes them tick.
  • Now, here’s where the magic happens: Blaze cleverly connects this hoopla with their brand essence. Known for its myriad toppings, sauce varieties, and crust options, Blaze Pizza offers a pizza-customizing experience that can feel like a delicious kind of “madness.” They lean right into that connection, crafting a CRM campaign that’s all about helping guests create their next mouthwatering masterpiece while having a blast doing it.

As we wrap up, it’s clear that staying relevant and agile in today’s market requires more than just keeping an eye on cultural trends—it demands a proactive approach fueled by innovation and creativity. At Response Labs, we’re not just observers; we’re active participants in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

With our guiding mantra, “Make Every Message Matter™,” we’re committed to elevating your brand’s presence, ensuring that each interaction leaves a lasting impression. So, whether it’s capitalizing on cultural moments or crafting personalized experiences, count on Response Labs to be your partner in driving meaningful engagement and loyalty.

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