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Capitol Communicator reports that Cary Hatch, agency veteran, honored by DC Chamber of Commerce as a "trailblazer" who champions diversity and inclusion.

Seasoned communicators hold the promise of making “a substantial impact in the boardroom,” writes Cary Hatch in the Washington Business Journal

by | Nov 20, 2023

Against a backdrop of “challenges and mandates, seasoned communicators hold the promise of making a substantial impact in the boardroom, despite currently occupying only a minuscule fraction of all board seats. Current statistics reveal that marketers constitute a mere fraction among the vast pool of corporate directors. This scarcity illuminates an extraordinary opportunity for communications veterans to infuse novel perspectives and augment the diversity of thought and composition. Notably, executive marketing roles exhibit a higher proportion of women and other minorities compared to the overall C-suite; the inclusion of marketers in the boardroom can thus concurrently address gender imbalances while enhancing board efficacy,” writes Cary Hatch, Senior Counsel, Hart MDB+, in an op-ed in the Washington Business Journal.

“Historically, when corporations sought to fill board vacancies, they leaned towards individuals whose competencies aligned with conventional committees such as finance, executive leadership, and governance. This approach, while facilitating targeted expertise, inadvertently limited the spectrum of potential candidates. However, with influential investment firms advocating for change and various state legislations catalyzing shifts, corporations are broadening their horizons to recruit directors capable of addressing specific objectives – be it capitalizing on digital experiences, safeguarding brand reputation, or devising effective go-to-market strategies.

“Communications veterans, beyond their adeptness in digital realms and customer insights, bring to the table an intrinsic comprehension of organizational purpose intertwined with brand vulnerabilities. Their historical responsibilities span corporate social impact endeavors like sustainability, alongside collaborations with legal teams to address issues threatening brand reputation. This holistic background renders marketers exquisitely equipped to guide the board in understanding, assessing, and managing risk.”

You can read her full op-ed here.

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