Shawn Yancy left FOX 5 exactly 19 years after she started at the D.C.-based TV station. 

“It was not an easy decision, but a decision that I made alone with my family’s support…to start an exciting new chapter in my life,” she said.

According to FOX 5, Yancy grew up in the Midwest and earned a degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University.  She spent her first year after college anchoring the news for a country radio station before anchoring and reporting at television stations in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  She then joined FOX 5.

Yancy’s first story assignment at FOX 5 was covering the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A year later, she covered the D.C. sniper attacks. Other stories she’s covered include Hurricane Isabel, the inauguration of Barack Obama and many D.C. sports championships. She said some of her proudest journalistic moments include earning an Edward R. Murrow Award fo,r an investigative series on asbestos and the National Institutes of Health, and earning an Emmy Award for Outstanding News Anchor in D.C.

“I want to thank the FOX 5 management team and my wonderful colleagues,” Yancy said. “It’s truly been an honor to work with some of the best journalists and best story tellers in town. I will miss you all.”

Of note, about a month ago, Allison Seymour left FOX 5 after 21 years at the D.C.-based TV station

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  1. Donald Lewis

    Hate to see either one leave. They really seem to be great partnered up with their colleagues. Especially Shawn and Jim and Allison and Steve. Shawn always smiling and dress to a tee. Miss y’all and hopefully as this door closes a better one opens. Hopefully it was only y’all decisions to leave. God bless y’all doing these times.

    • James Mclaughlin

      MY version I am thinking the reason Shaun and Allison left, was because they added newfaces to FOX 5 a they were not.happy there ratings were going down.

  2. Vadonia Mallory

    Fox 5 news seems to be changing the diversity of the show and that is sad. It was one of the best news show but it has become boring and uninterested.

    • Mary

      I totally loved both these superior Newscasters . Genuine , humorous, miss them . It’s why I watched Fox 5 in am and 6pm news . Why did they leave ?

  3. Rhonda

    A spell check comment. ‘Pittsburg’ without an ‘h’ is in Kansas. ‘Pittsburgh’ with an ‘h’ is in Pennsylvania.

  4. Imani

    I guess you have to sleep with everybody to stay on Fox five and this is something that Allison and Shawn did not do… SMH…. There’s something sneaky about Angie golf and I can’t put my finger on it, but always know, What you do in the dark will come out in the light! Shawn and Allison will be missed dearly!

  5. Myrtis

    I too am more than a bit surprised by the abrupt departures of Allison Seymore and Shawn Yancy and am very curious as to why both young ladies left Fox 5 News within weeks of each other. Hmmm. Wish both of them the very best in their future endeavors.

  6. Belinda

    Allison Seymour and Shawn Yancey job well done ✅, Always tuned in to Fox5. Angie and Wisdom are not a good pair, he looks at her like, what did you just say… Maureen miss seeing you on a regular. Erin dates the producer, so that explains why she has moved up and she never knows what to say, fake. Stacey disappeared but on Ch7, WOW!! Get Up DC is all good for my morning viewing with Tony Perkins

  7. HD Watt

    Allison and Shawn were not just to beautiful women who did a great job as news anchors, but they seemed to be just be like two sisters or aunties, you could just easily talk to. It would be nice to see them doing some type of project together in the near future. It was really cool of Tony Perkins to have them both on the Donnie Simpson show back to back on 10/15 and 10/16 respectively. Maybe one day they might slip and let the fans get a snippit of the whole truth. They might be bound from saying anything negative , at least for now. They were truly a dynamic duo and the only reason, I even tuned in to Fox5. Oh well, Fox 5 ratings have gone down at least by one person now.

  8. Mrs. White

    I’m devastated over the changes at Fox 5. You lost the employees who made you great. Allison, Shawn, & Wisdom were essential staff members in my opinion. When people walk away after years of service in a career that they love, they usually feel slighted. Knowing your worth allows you to move forward and grow beyond your wildest dreams. You all will flourish in whatever you aspire to do. I wish you all the very best in your new endeavors! Our family truly miss the exquisite representation you all provided for our community!!!

  9. G.W.

    Sad to see such an amazing newscast fall to pieces. I watched faithfully (4:00 AM – 11:00 AM) when the ‘gang’ was all there. Since Allison left and Maureen has been tossed to the streets…I’d rather have a kidney removed then watch the ‘Angie’ show. I would watch in the evening when Shawn Yancy anchored. FOX 5DC – you messed everything up! Not sure what is going on and frankly don’t care. Now that Allison is moving to WUSA 9 starting on Nov. 9…that’s my new station for News and Weather (sorry Steve and Tucker). Where oh where will Shawn end up? If WUSA 9 can unload the ‘comedian’ from the morning newscast…it will actually be worth watching. Fingers crossed. Cheers!

  10. Roberta Canty

    FOX SCREWED UP. Allyson left and so did I and many other Washingtonian. I am overjoyed to learn Allyson Seymour is joining channel 9. Broadcast GET UP DC! ALLYSON is smart, witty beautiful strong black woman and is a refreshing addition anywhere she goes.

  11. Deborah

    I have been watching channel 5 for a long time and was very upset when I heard that Allison and Sharon was no longer on Fox five and when I turn on the TV and I see that Maureen is not no longer on the morning team I wonder how long it’ll be before she would leave. Are used to watch Fox five on the regular now I’m kind of putting away my new station will be channel 9 starting November 9 in the morning Are used to watch Fox five on the regular now I’m kind of putting away my new station will be channel 9 starting November 9 hole Sean is November 9 hole Shawn is not far behind

  12. Keisha

    I didn’t know shawn wasn’t on the show anymore. That chick angie is so annoying and I don’t like her . Her and Allison were the best

  13. Ava

    I looked forward to watching Shawn , someone of color, on Fox 5 at 10:00-11:30 pm, every evening.. I noticed she wasn’t on anymore. Sorry to see her go!

  14. Vincent

    Something is very fishy going on at Fox 5,to lose Allison and Shawn I don’t watch it any more.


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