Six small lobbying and public affairs firms are joining together to create Potomac International Partners. “We’ve merged six small firms together — six small, boutique, I would say top-drawer firms,” Mark Cowan, the founder of Cowan Strategies and a former senior partner at Patton Boggs, said in an interview with POLITICO. Along with Cowan, the other firms include Weber Merritt3 Click SolutionsBond & AssociatesPCA & Company and Global Political Solutions. “They’ll all become one, but we’ll keep the [individual] brands for a while,” Cowan said, reports POLITICO.

“Cowan and the other partners decided to team up after seeing an opening in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election. “A lot of the Republican firms in town had discredited themselves to a degree by coming out as anti-Trump,” Cowan said. The new firm will be bipartisan and will handle shoe-leather lobbying of Congress and the executive branch, as well as grassroots and grasstops work, public affairs work and what Cowan called “international market entry” — helping foreign companies do business in the U.S. and helping American companies do business abroad. The partners in the firm have been working together quietly already for several months, Cowan said,” added POLITICO.

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