The U.S. advertising market continues on its torrid pace, with both digital and TV advertising moving higher versus earlier levels in 2015 and against the same month in 2014, reports MediaPost.

The MediaPost post added:

“Standard Media Index’s U.S. Ad Market Tracker index grew 23% in November versus the same period a year ago to an index of 259.5 — a record since SMI began pooling results from the major media agency holding companies.

“This growth is also 21% higher versus October’s index, which stood at 213. The tracker indexes the big agencies’ media spending volume at 100 in 2009.

“Digital advertising was up 37% to 715 index versus November 2014 — also a new all-time monthly high. It also had a gain of 18% improvement over the 605 index in October.

“National TV advertising grew 17% to a 198.5 index over November a year ago, and 23% higher from the 161 index in October.”

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