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SmithGifford Launches New Spot in Long Roofing Campaign

by | Oct 10, 2019

We all know kids say the darndest things, right?  That’s because youthful innocence and naiveté lets them get away with anything.

Such is the case in the latest execution of an ongoing TV ad campaign for Long Roofing created by Falls Church, VA-based ad agency SmithGifford.

The new 30-second spot carries the overall campaign theme of “It’s the things you don’t see that matter the most” when choosing a home improvement company and again features a uniformed “invisible man” as the product spokesman.

In the new spot, the spokesman is explaining the benefits of Long Roofing to a couple and their young son when the boy looks up and asks: “Where’s your face?”  The invisible man just chuckles and says, “Kids. I’ve got two of my own.”

The ads will run through 2020, but the long-term goal is for the campaign to evolve over the years with additional stories about the invisible man’s adventures, which will include some of Long’s other product lines, such as windows, doors, and baths.

The campaign’s strategy is based on the client’s longtime reputation for professionalism and integrity in the home improvement category.  SmithGifford Co-Founder Matt Smith explained that the agency wanted to stress Long Roofing’s longstanding reputation for delivering the highest standards in the home improvement category.

“We thought the best way to express the client’s standards and reputation for truthfulness and reliability was to stress that, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, “Integrity is doing something of quality that no one else sees,” said Smith.

In the campaign’s first execution, a woman in a well-appointed suburban home hears her doorbell ring.  She looks through a peephole, sees nothing, and starts to walk away.  The bell rings again.  When she opens the door the invisible spokesman is standing there and delivers the campaign’s key message: “The things you don’t see make a big difference.”

A story on the first execution of the campaign ran in Capitol Communicator on Sept. 12.

SmithGifford is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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