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Storyfarm wins awards for three video projects

by | Feb 22, 2024

Storyfarm’s work with Taoti Creative & the DC Lottery, idfive & Aims Community College, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, has been recognized by the Anthem Awards, the AVA Digital Awards and the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

The AVA Digital Awards honored Taoti Creative, the DC Lottery, and Storyfarm with gold for “New In Town,” a TV spot produced to help kick off the DC Lottery’s “First Wednesday” campaign. Shot over two days in D.C., “New In Town” is the first of two ads launched to help spread the word that new scratchers from the DC Lottery arrive on the first Wednesday of every month.  The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for digital communication planning, concept, direction, design, and production.

 Administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, a platinum MarCom Award was given for “All In,” a video campaign produced for Aims Community College. According to a release, Aims Community College joined forces with idfive and Storyfarm to craft the college’s inaugural video commercial. This cohesive collaboration spanned scriptwriting, location scouting, and talent acquisition, bringing together over 60 extras for a comprehensive shoot over two-and-a-half days in late September 2022. The endeavor culminated in a captivating 90-second brand anthem that embodies the spirit of the college, complemented by a series of succinct 30- and 15-second spots. The campaign has been embraced with enthusiasm by the Aims community, marking a significant milestone in the college’s ongoing efforts to amplify its marketing endeavors and reinforce its institutional brand. Since its launch, the video and its varying versions have garnered over 20,000 views, a testament to its resonant message and the successful collaborative effort that brought it to life.

A project Storyfarm supported on behalf of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control / Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health was recognized with a Silver Anthem Award for “Spinning a Global Web,” a wide-reaching study that was disseminated via a published paper, video, lecture, research brief and press coverage in 80-plus global news outlets. The video provided an overview and key findings of the most expansive analysis of point-of-sale cigarette advertising in low- and middle-income countries to date. The study monitored and reported on the specific marketing tactics and frequency by which multinational tobacco companies target youth worldwide.The massive collection of data includes 19,500 point-of-sale observations near schools and playgrounds in 42 countries across six World Health Organization regions—the results of which suggest a coordinated, global effort by multinational tobacco companies to target kids. Disseminated via a published paper, video, lecture, research brief, and press coverage in 80-plus global news outlets, the findings underscore the necessity of comprehensive tobacco advertising and promotion bans in countries worldwide.

“We’re thankful for the chance to team up with these awesome brands and agencies. Each collaboration does more than just add a cool project to our portfolio; it really boosts our dedication to making impactful videos. We’re stoked that they believe in what we can do and their trust gives us the freedom to really get creative and tell stories that hit home, change things up, and truly capture what makes communication engaging. While we are not in this for the awards, it doesn’t hurt when the hard work we put into our projects gets recognized by others in the creative and marketing industries,” said Dan Gerlach, Partner at Storyfarm.

Brands and advertising agencies choose to partner with Storyfarm for its comprehensive and creative suite of video production services. We are an all-inclusive destination where ideas evolve into reality, from conceptualizing and scripting to storyboarding and casting. Storyfarm’s expertise extends into filming, animation, editing, and the final touch-ups for both digital and broadcast videos,” added Gerlach.

Storyfarm is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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