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Facebook User Growth “Largely Plateaued”, States New Report

Tech Talk: Get a Penny for your Thoughts, Wave Technology Hoax and Facebook Growing as a News Source | Weekly Roundup September 25, 201

by | Sep 25, 2014

By Theresa Wallace

Research has revealed that users are looking to social media for their daily news update. Unfortunately rants or personal journal entries written about politics, law enforcement or any other hot topic on a Facebook status is not included. Roughly 30% of Facebook users look to the site for news updates, however Twitter trumps Facebook when it comes to breaking news. Further research uncovered certain topics are reserved for face-to-face engagement, like the Snowden-NSA story. Visit the article written by PewResearch Center for more detailed findings.

Get paid a penny for your thoughts, literally. Bubblews launched in 2012 in San Francisco, CA and pays users for every ‘like’ they get on any content posted on their website. You’re probably asking how does the company pay them, right? With over 300,000 users and one user making nearly $10,000, the company claims advertising is the main source of income. 26-year-old Arvind Dixit admits he got the idea from Facebook since users post their content for free, while Facebook collects a check, a 5.41 billion dollar check to be exact. Anyone can use it, who can’t use a few extra pennies? Find out more on CBS News.

Atlas, an advertising platform being owned by Facebook, is said to rival Google’s remarketing capabilities. Atlas Advertiser Site, formerly owned by Microsoft, was purchased last year and is expected to be released next week. What is the difference? Say goodbye to the unreliable cookies and hello demographic information for every Facebook user! Invasive. Brilliant. It’s about time. I know. Atlas will use information voluntarily provided by users in their profile to target ads rather cookies. Read more about this “people based marketing” on Social Media Today.

Do you really need someone to tell you NOT to microwave your phone? Seriously people. iPhone haters clearly had their hands all in this, creating false ads to play off iPhone user complaints about not having a wireless charging capability with the newest update of iOS 8. The legit ad told people to place their iphones in the microwave to activate the Wave Technology which will charge the phone. Really? A 9 year old knows not to put metal, let alone an iPhone, in the microwave. Check out NY Daily News for the full story.

Use a hashtag on Twitter to add an item on your Amazon wish list. Use #AmazonWishList and a link to the item and voila! MyAmazon Twitter will kick back a message letting you know the item has been added and how to purchase. Of course the Twitter account has to be linked to the Amazon account, but that is it – shopping made simple right! Read more on Mashable.

This post originally appeared on the Carousel30 blog.

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