“In response to a growing concern from fans and others about the Redskins’ name, two teams of (VCU) Brandcenter students volunteered to see if a positive solution could emerge from this heated situation,” reports VCU Brandcenter in Richmond.

According to the report, “Both teams included rabid Redskins fans and both focused on finding a positive way to evolve to a new and better identity. Their work is not officially sanctioned by the Redskins, but it was informed by research, strategic analysis and deep creative exploration. These students envisioned a better future for the storied team and applied their talents to bringing about this future.

“The teams received no compensation, not even a grade. Their work is singularly motivated by a love of this team and the people who fill its stands.”

And, concluded the report,  “We hope it inspires a new day for the team.”

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