The Virginia Tourism Corp. started a new marketing program “specifically aimed at drawing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender — aka LGBT — tourists to visit the state”, reports The Daily Progress.

The report, in part, added:

“The campaign enables businesses such as hotels and wedding venues to designate themselves as LGBT friendly on the state’s tourism website.

“It also introduces an alternative version of the classic “Virginia is for Lovers” logo, which has been in use since 1969. On the new logo, the red heart that typically stands for the letter “v” in the word “Lovers” is replaced with a rainbow-colored heart, representing LGBT pride.

“The goal is to present Virginia as a safe and inclusive place for LGBT travelers and their families, said Caroline Logan, director of communications for Virginia Tourism Corp.

“The agency did not budget a specific amount for the LGBT campaign but incorporated it into its overall advertising and promotions budget for this fiscal year of about $7 million. The campaign does not currently include media advertising.

“A new landing page on the website,, has listings of lodgings, restaurants, retail stores and other attractions in the state “that have designated themselves as LGBT-friendly and welcoming,” the Virginia Tourism Corp. said.”

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