The Washington Post recorded 50.5 million unique visitors to its website in April 2015 – a 64% increase year over year. Mobile continues to be a point of growth, stated the Post, netting 33.7 million unique visitors– up 89% year over year.

According to a story on Yahoo News, while many media organizations are under pressure to deliver quarterly earnings, which prevent a long-term strategy, The Washington Post, which under new owner and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been expanding in news gathering as it refines its digital strategy.

Under Bezos, “the Post has invested in reporting and design, they have embedded technology and design people, they’ve done a lot of things right,” said Alan Mutter, a former Chicago newspaper editor who is now a consultant on digital news.

Although this has probably not translated into profits, Mutter said that “Bezos takes a long view and it’s his own money,” stated the Yahoo News story.

For the daily newspaper sector over the past decade, weekday circulation has fallen 17 percent and ad revenue more than 50 percent, according to Pew.



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