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Capitol Communicator reports that the Wikipedia Chaos Index opens July 2024 at 62, a 7% increase from June. 

Wikipedia Chaos Index for July is 62

by | Jul 11, 2024

The Wikipedia Chaos Index opens July 2024 at 62, a 7% increase from June.

After a notably quiet start to 2024, there was a large number of new pages created in July 2024, which also led to an increase in AfC submissions – and more importantly, AfC wait times.

Editing levels continue to be slightly higher year-over-year in 2024, a consistency we’ve seen carry through the early summer months.

Posts related to conflict of interests are down slightly in June; deletions and investigations remain fairly consistent, however, so the admins and editors involved in these projects are still at normal levels of activity.

It’s not often Wikipedia’s administrative processes find themselves leading international news websites and broadcasts – but that is exactly where it found itself this month, when its decisions around the Anti-Defamation League’s reliability as an information source made headlines across the world.

As is often the case with Wikipedia, the ADL and news organizations alike both misinterpreted the implementation of Wikipedia’s policies, and what exactly their decision was. Unlike the headlines you’ve seen, the ADL has not been labeled an unreliable source on Wikipedia; it is still classified as a generally reliable source – except for a few specific topics, most notably the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This decision explicitly means that the ADL is still a viable citation on Wikipedia (for example, the Wikipedia page on anti-semitism still cites the ADL a considerable number of times). However, as the result of one of the longest discussions in recent Wikipedia history – which took into account a 2020 Request for Comment that solidified ADL as a reliable source, alongside the general Wikipedia community consensus that the ADL is a biased, activist source – the decision was made to limit its use for a few specific subjects. Wikipedia’s decision also provided guidance to the ADL on how to resolve these editorial conflicts (for example, investing more editorial review in its hate symbol database entries and expanding the information in them).

The situation is a great reminder that Wikipedia’s processes can seem arcane and inscrutable to the outside public, but are always grounded in Wikipedia’s adherence to its own guidelines – and most importantly, its quest for objective neutrality.

NOTE: The Chaos Index is a proprietary metric for measuring turbulence throughout Wikipedia and tracking the community’s current sentiment towards corporate-related pages. The index measures community actions such as editing frequency, content deletion, message board posts, and many other activities that contribute to unstable corporate page environments.

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