Chart Shows Percent of U.S Adults Who Say They Use Social Media Platforms

In a Pew study of Americans’ social media platform usage, TikTok ranks just behind Snapchat and Twitter, and well ahead of far more established Reddit as a social media destination U.S. adults say they use., reports MediaPost, which adds that’s one of the top-line findings from the just-released 2021 edition of a periodic study of America’s social media preferences and habits.

According to MediaPost, the study also shows that “YouTube continues to ascend as most prevalent social media platform in the United States, with 81% of adults citing their usage of it vs. 73% in Pew’s last comparable study in 2019.

“Facebook remained unchanged at No. 2, with the same percentage of Americans citing its usage (69%), while Instagram (plus three percentage points to 40%), Pinterest (+3 points to 31%), LinkedIn (+1 point to 28%), Snapchat (+1 point to 25%), Twitter (+1 point to 23%), and Reddit (+7 points to 18%), all gained.”

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