Working once again with Smithsonian Magazine, Cade Martin, the photographer behind Capitol Communicator’s popular “up close and personal” profile series,  was charged with photographing C3PO for a section of the magazine called “National Treasure” at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.
According to Cade, “While we couldn’t touch him, I could see and feel the craft that went into bringing his character to life on the screen. Focusing in on the droid’s hinges, lines and luster – the physical realness of this character – I did my best to channel the cinematic origin, to capture a movie still not a product shot. Thank you, as always, to Jeff Campagna for the opportunities to photograph these pieces of history, to Smithsonian Magazine for being a true giant in chronicling the objects of our collective history and culture, and to LucasFilm and Disney for your imaginations.”

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