Fake news is on the increase and the result is significantly reduced trust, reports D S Simon Media, which added, that’s why “authenticity for a brand or non-profit has never been more important. But how do you get there? We surveyed nearly 150 journalists from across the country to find out.

“Enhanced reputation enhances the bottom line. How do you increase authenticity and trust for your organization and your leadership? What’s the role of the CEO in making your brand more authentic? How can you cut through the clutter to create awareness for your campaigns and initiatives?

According to the firm’s new Brand Authenticity survey:

“It’s no longer a luxury to have an organization’s CEO available to the media. It’s a necessity. There was a 12% increase in journalists who feel an accessible CEO makes a brand seem more authentic than one year ago.

“As trust and authenticity become a more important component of brand value you need to be turning your CEO into an influencer by preparing them for interviews, developing media pitches that resonate and most importantly, getting them out in front of the media to communicate your message. If your CEO isn’t ready for prime time, consider safer outlets in local markets that will allow her/him to find the right voice and increase comfort.”

In summary, the survey found:

·       Making your CEO accessible to the media makes your brand more authentic. 83% of journalists said so, a 10% increase compared to last year;

·       Choosing an in-house spokesperson is 46% more authentic than a third-party expert for brands and non-profits;

·       You need to be posting video for journalists to your social channels. 81 percent of journalists are getting their story ideas from social media and 83 percent are willing to use third-party video as produced; and,

·       Finally, by a wide margin, journalists prefer to interview your experts than a third-party spokesperson.

For the full survey, click here.

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