With the digital ad industry poised to discuss — and debate — changing consumer sentiment about the role of advertising in their lives, MediaDailyNews reports that new research from GWI (formerly Global Web Index) finds a plurality of Americans “simply want ads to tell them about the products they are promoting.”

As the above chart shows, asked what they “most want” from ads, half of all U.S. internet users surveyed by GWI this month simply said “product information.”

According to the MediaDailyNews post: “That is a significantly higher percentage than those (40%) who said they are looking for ads that provide them with product discounts and special offers — something new research from another study being released today by the Internet Advertising Bureau says is part of a new “value exchange” that consumers are expecting from advertising (see related story).

“Nearly as many respondents said they are simply looking for ads to entertain them (39%), teach them something new (33%), be relevant (29%) or make them laugh (29%).”

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