When the Association of National Advertisers issued its latest report about brands taking ad agency services in-house, the 4As didn’t have much to say in response, states a commentary posted on MediaPost.

According to the commentary, “That was a week ago. Finally the agency trade group has replied in the form of a commentary that appeared on the adage.com website today under the byline of Marla Kaplowitz, 4As president/CEO.

“The ANA report, asserted Kaplowitz, “isn’t telling the full story.”

““Brands may move from agency to agency—that will never change—but to win over the people who buy their products or use their services, external partners are imperative,” she wrote.

“That said, Kaplowitz also acknowledged that there are “areas of expertise that make sense to keep in-house,” like social media with the “increasing need for a tighter connection to legal teams,” and programmatic, especially for the those “companies with rich first-party data.”

“But at the end of the day, Kaplowitz advised, “The solution may not be to have internal or external creative work, but to strike the right balance of both.””

Capitol Communicator reached out to Cary Hatch, CEO of D.C.-based MDB Communications, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, and Chairman of 4As Mid-Atlantic Board of Governors, for comment and she told us:

“Key amongst the reasons for a brand leader to engage an agency to complement in-house resources is our primal competitive nature.

“It’s a DNA thing. Agency people are absolutely driven by the psychic rewards of delivering provocative and engaging ideas that advance brands.

“The objective agency mantra of “Permission to Dream” yields a vast parade of some the best performing business, media and creative ideas for clients. There’s something exhilarating about knowing we’re performing a high-wire act without a net. That scenario compels agencies to think beyond what’s possible to the “impossible” – and exploring ideas that often result in marketplace rewards for brands rarely seen before.

“Brand leaders that put agency firepower to work for them, most certainly ensure a greater chance for success.”

Cary Hatch

CEO,MDB Communications

4As – Chairman, Mid-Atlantic Board of Governors

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