ABC, CBS and NBC joined CNN in refusing to air an advertisement that lists President Donald Trump’s accomplishments during his administration’s first 100 days while blaming the “fake news” media for not reporting on them, reports Associated Press, which added:

“A “fake news” graphic superimposed over the faces of news anchors was cited by CNN, ABC and NBC for not airing the ad. The networks contend that makes it inaccurate, and ABC said it represents a personal attack. CBS would not comment Friday on its reasons for the rejection.

“The journalists whose faces are seen in the commercial are Andrea Mitchell of NBC, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, Scott Pelley of CBS and George Stephanopoulos of ABC.

“”Apparently, the mainstream media are champions of the First Amendment only when it serves their own political views,” said Lara Trump, a daughter-in-law of the president who serves as a consultant to the Trump campaign. Already up and running for 2020, the campaign has used the refusal in fundraising pleas to potential donors.”

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  1. James Coats

    We are headed for a third world dictaorshop by the LEFT when they control the Media. All dictators and Socialist and communist countries completely control the Media and this is what ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN they are doing.


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