The 4As is hoping to use new survey data about diversity to improve the ad industry and foster dialogue, reports Forbes.

According to the Forbes post: “The results—collected by the 4As from 165 agencies representing more than 40,000 employees—found that Black and African American employees make up just 5.8% of the industry, while 8.68% identify as Hispanic or Latinx, 10.7% as Asian/Asian American, 4.23% as “other” and 70.51% as white or caucasian. Of the less than 6% who are Black or African American, 68% are admin or entry-level, 43.5% are non-management professionals, 27.6% are managers or directors and just 4% are vice presidents or higher, excluding C-suite roles. Diversity across regions also varies slightly. For example, Black or African American employees in the Western U.S. represent just 3.3%, but 9.4% in the Southeast.

“Of the agencies that took part, 75% are a part of holding companies, while 25% work at independent agencies across media buying, creative, account services and other roles. In terms of gender, 59.5% of employees are female, while 40.5% are male.

“According to 4As CEO Marla Kaplowitz, the top topics discussed by the agencies’ members are issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

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